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If your estimated household 2016 income is between:

Single Person:  $16K - $23K
2 People:           $22K - $31K
3 People:           $27K - $39K
4 People:           $33K - $47k


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You can quickly compare the major health insurance plans from carriers such as Blue Shield California, Blue Cross California,   Kaiser,  and Health Net both on and off the Exchange. is your place to research and find affordable California health plans
The rates listed on website are the best available.  In California, no company can discount rates even if you go direct.  Please take advantage of our hard work to quote and apply for you California health plan.

Blue Shield of California has proven to be a very progressive and competitive carrier in California.  You will be able to quote Blue Shield's plans across Individual/Family, Small Group, and Medicare Supplements

Qualifying for medical insurance is different between Individual and Small Group and even between carriers.  You can find more information on how to obtain health insurance here. is not only a one-stop website to quote and compare health plans but vast knowledge of health insurance information with easy to use guides and introductions.
If you are just starting to explore your options the best place to start is our introduction to health insurance.  You can then visit our sitemap to view a wide range of topics from Cobra and Health Savings accounts to how plans treat prescriptions or pregnancy.  

Once you have chose the right medical insurance plan for you or your company, we then make applying for coverage simpler with online applications, instructions, and most importantly...personal help with our reps to guide you through the process.  
The application process can be new to people and we know the forms and process very well from years of experience.  Rather than slowly working through the applications, please contact us directly and we can reduce the time it takes to apply for California health insurance significantly. 


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