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Pregnancy Care and your California medical insurance plan

If you are pregnant when you join a California group medical plan, such as one offered through an employer, the plan must cover services for your pregnancy and delivery. However, if you buy California individual medical insurance, services for this pregnancy may not be covered. Check with your medical plan.

Ask your doctor or California medical plan about classes on childbirth, breastfeeding, nutrition, and exercise during pregnancy.

Choosing an Obstetrician and Hospital with your medical plan

An obstetrician is a doctor who specializes in pregnancy and delivery.

  • You can see an obstetrician in your medical plan's network without a referral.
  • When you choose an obstetrician, ask which network hospital you will go to for the birth.
  • The law protects your right to continuity of care during your pregnancy. This means that if your doctor leaves your plan after you are 6 months pregnant, you can usually see the same doctor until after the birth. Check with your plan.
  • By law, medical plans must cover at least 2 days in the hospital after a vaginal delivery and 4 days after a delivery by C-section.

Make Sure Your Baby Is Insured

If you have a baby or adopt a child, ask your medical plan or your employer how to add your new baby or child to your medical plan. You must enroll your child within 30 days after the birth or adoption to continue medical benefits for your child.


AIM Program
Low-cost California medical insurance for low- to middle-income pregnant women and infants
1-800-433-2611 (many languages) (Spanish)

Medicaly Families
State program with low-cost medical and dental insurance for children in low-income families
1-800-880-5305 (many languages)

Information on children's medical

National Hispanic Prenatal Helpline
Información sobre el embarazo, parto y el cuidado de los infants
Information about pregnancy, birth, and child care
1-800-504-7081 (Spanish)

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