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Sacramento, Bay Area, Roseville, and Rocklin short term health insurance



There's a lot of movement in the general Sacramento area.


People getting jobs.

Leaving jobs.


Moving to the area to escape the absolutely insane housing costs in the Bay Area.


With all this movement comes a definite need for short term health coverage in Sacramento.


Short has been a useful tool in the Sacramento market for decades now.


Let's look at how it works and most importantly...


How to get the best rate and value.



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Let's get to it.



How short term works in Sacramento


We've had short term plan options in Sacramento county for decades now.


The companies have change but the basis premise has not.


It works really well to provide major medical insurance for fixed periods of time.


It does not cover the same benefits as Covered California.


Make sure to check out the brochure right through the quote here..



If you don't qualify for a tax subsidy, it also may cost a lot less.


Short term usually saves about 50% off the Bronze plan with no tax credit


That's why many people use it in Sacramento as “gap” coverage.


What short term health companies are available in the greater Sacramento area?


What short term companies are available in Sacramento


Most health insurance is still State regulated.


That means the options can be pretty comparable across the State.


In Sacramento county, we now have IHC which is sponsored by Anthem Blue Cross.


All the other carriers (UnitedHealthOne, Blue Shield of California, HCC, etc) have pulled out of the State.


We don't expect too much movement on this front but we'll add them when they come on board.


We have a good experience with IHC as Anthem Blue Cross sourced to them when they pulled out of most the State.


You can quote IHC short term health plans here:


quote sacramento short term health insurance plans and rates



Is it different for Roseville, Rocklin and surrounding areas?


The entire Sacramento area including all surrounding cities and even the Bay Area will have the same options for short term.


It's a Statewide plan option.


Make sure to enter your zip code to get the correct rates when you run short term your quote.


When you can you in enroll in Sacramento short term health plans



That's one of the reason short term is so popular.


You can enroll anytime during the year.


We can get an effective date starting midnight after the online enrollment.



Many people in Sacramento get stuck outside of Open Enrollment (which usually Nov 1st to Jan 31st).


Or they don't have trigger for out of open enrollment (marriage, birth, move, or loss of qualified coverage).



Short term is very popular to address these gaps in coverage.



As licensed Sacramento health agents, our help is 100% free to you!


That brings up a good long of a gap?

How long can you get short term for in Sacramento


Right now, you can get up to 3 months of 30 days each.


A total of 90 days.


You can re-apply after the first 90 days but it will be based on health again.


You can always cancel month to month.


30 days is the minimum amount of coverage you can get.


Will Sacramento have the expanded short term plans?


The Trump expansion was barred by the California legislature.


Short term plans in Sacramento will not be expanded to 364 days.


90 days is the current limit per short term policy.



You can quote this 90 day short term option here:

quote sacramento short term health insurance plans and rates


Basic element of Sacramento short term enrollment


Here are some key points on the short term plans available in Sacramento and the Bay Area:


  • Up to 90 days of coverage
  • Can cancel month to month in 30 day periods
  • Major medical by design
  • Simple application online generally issued in 1-2 days
  • Choice of deductible, co-insurance percentage, and out of pocket max.
  • Up to $2M lifetime max
  • Effective date as early midnight following application
  • Penalty goes away in 2019 and beyond


We're licensed Sacramento and Bay Area short term agents.

Call us at 866486-6551 or by email - there NO cost for our help.


Let's look at some questions we get specifically to our area.


Does Kaiser have short term plans in Sacramento


Kaiser's a big player in the Sacramento area.


What about short term?


They do not offer short term plans unfortunately.


We have IHC (sponsored by Anthem Blue Cross) which you can use till you're able to enroll on Kaiser if that's your preference.


What Sacramento doctors can I use with short term insurance


IHC uses the MultiPlan PPO network which is extensive in Sac county.

It's also Nationwide in case you're in Reno or Tahoe.


You can search the IHC network in Sacramento here.


Is Sutter part of short term health network


Sutter is another big player in the area along with UC Davis.


Are they in the network?


Sutter has been part of the network but make sure to check online or ask your doctor!

It's the MultiPlan PPO network in Sacramento and the Bay Area.


UC Davis has also been part of it.


Make sure to double check first since networks are always changing.


There 1M+ doctors nationwide in the MultiPlan PPO network.


It tends to be more robust than most Covered Ca plans!


How to quote and apply for Sacramento short term health plans


This is easy.


You can run your Sacramento short term health plan quote here:

quote sacramento short term health insurance plans and rates


The quote is based on area, zip code, and plan choice.


We're happy to help with any questions.

There's no cost for our assistance. Zero!



How to apply for Sacramento short term



The application process is available right through the quote.

It's all online and generally takes 5-10 minutes!



Use our agent experience with over 15 years exclusively in the Sacramento short term health insurance market.


There's ZERO cost for our assistance.



Feel free to run any questions by us at 866-486-6551 or by email.


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